Weed Spraying


We do handgun spraying to help you get rid of weeds such as ragwort, thistle, gorse, broom, blackberry and pampas. Also we can cut and paste woolly nightshade and drill & fill unwanted trees such as willows.  Let us know what you have on your property, and we can cater a specific Weed Spraying Plan for your needs.

For farmers, effective weed spraying can dramatically increase stock feed by eliminating weeds that compete with pasture. With the weeds gone, your grasses get more space, light, water and nutrients – yielding more feed for your animals.

For local authorities and other landowners, weed spraying allows desirable species to settle and thrive. Weed spraying also helps to keep drains and waterways clear.


Cambrilea has been providing effective weed spraying services in Waikato and further afield since 1997. We are one of the largest weed spraying contractors in New Zealand.

Cambrilea now applies over 1.5 million litres of spray mix a year. Our weed spraying services includes annual spot spraying of over 5000ha of hill country. We take on new areas as well as provide weed spraying maintenance programmes to regular customers.

We operate all year round with six fully serviced Toyota Hilux 4×4 spray rigs, They are chain equipped for hill country. Each has a 650 litre capacity tank that self fills in 5 minutes and two hose reels with 150 metres of hose with guns.

We also operate a 4X4 GPS equipped 9 metre hydraulic boom as well as an ATV bike with a 200 litre spray unit.


Everyone at Cambrilea is GROWSAFE ® certified to safely and effectively handle chemical weed killers. All staff are NZ Approved Handler Certified.

Cambrilea’s weed spraying service is the effective way for you to control weeds on your land.

To arrange weed spraying on your land, get in touch today and let us help you out.

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